Meet Gillian

My passion is to help people live life to their full potential


Gillian Dreczkowski

When I started out on my own personal development journey, I was a pale shadow of the person I have now become. On the surface, I appeared to be confident, outgoing and resilient but deep down I doubted my own ability and would often compare myself to others, allowing these feelings to affect my self-worth.

I had been drifting along on a path that had provided me with a nice, easy life. I had a good job working in the field of scientific research and development for over 20 years. I had a lovely home, a loving family and a long-term relationship, but it wasn’t until my children left the family home and my marriage ended that I developed the understanding and realisation that everything I had done and achieved in my life until that point was influenced by my perception of other people’s expectations and idea of who I was and what I believed they expected of me. 

I wasn’t living the life of my own choosing!
That was my wakeup call and the starting point to making a permanent change in my life. From there I developed the clarity and focus I needed to move forward. 

Six years later and I have learned that it can be great fun and more possible than I would have ever imagined creating my ideal life.

I had to make changes on the inside and let go of my self-limiting beliefs but as I began to take action, I discovered so many people who were just like me - stuck in either a perpetual downhill cycle or sailing along playing safe and staying safe yet unfulfilled and dreaming of great personal and professional success without making the decision to go and achieve it!
As I experienced the changes taking place in my life, I discovered my passion and purpose to help others.

This desire inspired me to study personal development and mindset coaching and become a certified NLP Practitioner and Proctor Gallagher Consultant.

The Final Word...  

No two people are the same. 
Each person brings their own unique quality and life experience and together, we work to create a vision of what is possible.

“There are no limits except for those that we impose on ourselves” 
Walter Bishop


Let’s Make A Change