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Growth Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Coaching

My passion is to help people live life to their full potential

The Starting Point Of All Desires....

Develop a clear understanding of WHO YOU ARE
Most people have no idea of who they are and therefore; very rarely, if ever, change their outside circumstances and conditions.

In order to create real fulfilment in all areas of life, you must connect to the real YOU.

Are you ready ....

To turn your dream business, career, relationship and life into a FACT and achieve amazing results.


What Are Your Expectations For Success?

Do you constantly see others succeeding but don’t believe you are entitled to the same dizzying heights of success?
We all KNOW that the answers to our hopes, desires and results come from within us but it is our internal beliefs and conditioned behaviours that dictates and limits our thinking and gets in the way of seeing what is actually possible. 
I help eliminate the old programming and show you how to replace it with new positive habits, beliefs and behaviours.

“Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere” Albert Einstein
Take a journey into the workshop of your imagination. This is where we will create and develop a new you.

A more confident, self assured and successful you by tapping into the science of psychology and cybernetics.

Success Is A System
I will help you develop a realistic, sustainable action plan built on scientific research and results, which will take you out of your comfort zone and propel you into a more confident, thriving and fulfilling personal and professional life.


"Core self confidence is the master key to living a happy life and achieving your potential"

Matthew Hussey

What my clients say:

I would highly recommend Gillian if you are looking for a coach to learn about yourself and develop your personal strength and growth.
She’s the person whom you’ll feel comfortable to confide in.
I was quite lost in my career before I had my breakthrough session with Gillian. My mind was so confused that I even struggled with structuring my issues. From our first conversation together, she was able to “identify” the root of all my queries and problems. She guided me to clarify my thoughts on my career pathway and empowered me to find my inner strength and let it shine. She helped me to believe in myself and as a result, I now have a much happier career and life!